Finally: "a time tested method for buying and selling houses that will put cash in your bank account..."

From the desk of Jon Slater:
Wednesday, 2:47 PM

Dear Future Real Estate Entrepreneur:

Real Estate has to be one of, if not the most lucrative ways to make money ever discovered. For example look at Mr. Donald Trump. You've probably seen the statistic that shows that real estate has made more millionaires than any other business or endeavor in the history of the world.

Even now with foreclosures at all time highs...There is even more opportunities to buy properties at extremely discounted prices and make serious, serious profits.

All the fortunes that are long lasting are in Real Estate. Rental Property, Equity, Cash Flow, Monthly Spendable Income...

When I got started learning I didn't care about all those terms that meant nothing to me...I just wanted to know how to make cash. Cash that I could use to pay my bills, buy groceries and hopefully one day quit my job....with means.

How I Got Started...

When I first got interested in investing in Real Estate...I wasn't looking to become a super duper real estate millionaire guru person by next Friday. I just wanted to be able to walk away from my job and be able to afford the things that I wanted to do...I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted. Can you relate?

I was probably much like you. Sick and tired of being sick and tired of being broke, busted and disgusted.

Working in corporate sales, I made really good money. I was promoted a few times and as corporate America goes, the money was really good but, the hours.... Stunk!

Real Estate Investing had become my passion. I devoured real estate investment books for the past ten years of my life. I read books, went to every seminar I could afford, bought the programs off of late night Television... I even got to meet in person Mr. Carlton Sheets. I personally spent over $10,000 in educating myself in Real Estate. ($10,000 that I didn't have)

At that point in my life, I just wanted somebody to tell me the truth. Here is step one, do this... Here is step two, go and do this...

Every course I bought just felt like there was something missing. I had the quick start guide for this and the taped interviews with experts and none of this gave me the confidence to go out and buy a house.

You know, I learned a lot from those courses. I learned all about commercial property investing, landlording, eviction procedures, how to buy homes with no money down...

What I didn't learn was how real estate could help me to pay my bills by next week! These courses were a waiste of my money and time. Absolutely, Not what I wanted or needed.

I wanted a Real Estate business that would allow me to:

  • Make Cash Quickly so that I could survive and create wealth without having a job to worry about
  • Be able to build up enough cash so that I could eventually buy a house without a mortgage paying all cash...
  • I wanted a business that allowed me the flexibility to work when I wanted to work and as much or as little as I wanted. If I worked harder then I actually got paid more because I earned based on my efforts

That is when I got slapped in the face with flipping properties wholesale or

Wholesaling Houses

Some people call it assigning contracts or wholesale flips... It's all the same. It all means...

Earning Extremely Fast Cash
and Never Even Owning a House.

I found that Wholesaling Houses was the ideal place to start my real estate career. It was kind of like On the job training. I discovered that with wholesaling houses I ....

  • Didn't have to worry about making any repairs or hiring some "joe contractor" to fix up this beauty of a house so I could resale it and hopefully make a profit
  • Didn't need to worry about making payments or holding on to a house while the house was vacant
  • Didn't have to find a tenant to rent a house and go through all of the screening processes, taking my chances with some educated tennant who knows the eviction process better than me
  • Didn't have to worry about buying home owners insurance since I was not going to own the property
  • Could keep my expenses low and my cash flow high while I was learning how to sky rocket my real estate career...with means

I also learned how to...

  • find extremely profitable deals and make quick CASH within 30 days..
  • locate extremely motivated sellers and have them call me before they ever called a realtor or placed an ad in the newspaper classifieds
  • Sell these great deals faster than any real estate agent in my town..
  • put deals together so that the seller felt like they were getting a fair deal and still leave myself and my "partner*" a nice fat profit. (*I'll Explain in the guide)
  • screen sellers so that I didn't waist hours upon hours driving around looking at deals that were really not deals at all
  • Find and work with the best title company's and attorneys so that each and every transaction went as smooth as absolutely possible.

So out of my trial and error and massive library of educational "literature", I have compiled oneof, if not the most extensive Guides put together on the business of Wholesaling Houses. Don't worry, this is by far different than anything you have ever seen before.

Inside wholesaling houses you will discover...

  • How to set up you business for maximum profitability
  • The three stategies we use to make quick cash from real estate
  • How to profit from all cash offers when we don't have any cash
  • What you need to get started in your home office
  • What professionals you need on your team to be successful. (mess this up, and it could cost you lots of money, credibility and time)
  • How to profit from assigning contracts and getting paid very very lucrative finders fees
  • What to do when a Seller just wants to give you their house... Take it, Right? ....Maybe (I'll show you what pitfalls to avoid)
  • I'll show you why a seller wants to sell you their house so cheap.
  • How to use an arsenal of information to locate unwanted property including, newspapers, attorney's, vacant houses, investor groups...
  • Marketing methods that will keep your supply of motivated sellers calling you and practically begging you to take their house off of their hands
  • Exactly how to screen sellers over the phone so you're not driving endless miles to nowhere
  • How to make an offer that will make your seller happy and you quick cash
  • How to determine exactly how much you can afford to pay for a property
  • How to determine what repairs might cost on a home and why you even need to know this infomation
  • What the value of this house would be in it's completely ready to move in state
  • How to still make a profit on deals that are not exactly cheap but have outstanding terms and the seller just wants out. Yes, that's right you can make quick cash on these deals too.
  • How and where to find Real Estate Investment groups to launch your business into overdrive
  • All the legal forms and contracts for you to use and adjust to your state. These can be manipulated because they are in MS Word
  • How to get the two parties to a closing table so you can get paid. (my favorite part)

You'll learn all of this and so much more. Wholesaling Houses is compiled of 350+ pages of meaty information to launch you into a new career as a real estate entrepreneur. There's not a lot of fluff in here. It is Huge!

The Wholesaling Houses Guide:

Wholesaling Houses Exposed the guide with step by step information on how anyone can get started in the real estate investment business with no cash, no credit and no banks.

Plus you'll also find in this package

Chapter 1: What is Wholesaling Houses

We discuss the business of Wholesaling houses so that you can understand exactly what wholesaling houses is and is not.

We'll Give you specific examples of what wholesaling houses is and how you can start wholesaling houses for quick cash in the real estate business.

Chapter 2: The Three Strategies of Quick Cash Real Estate System

There are thee ways to make money with the Quick Cash Real Estate System and I'll show you how to benefit and make some really quick dollars from all three. Including, how to make all cash offers, how to get houses for free or next to nothing and using finders fees...

This chapter also talks about how much money you can possibly make, why you shouldn't hold on to property and the legalities and logistics of Wholesaling Houses.

Chapters 3 & 4: Getting Started in the Real Estate Wholesaling Business and An Action Plan for Success

In the two chapters I am going to give you exactly what you need to get started in this business. Do you need a fax machine? Do you need a cell phone? What kind of cell phone? I'll show you how to build your team of professionals that are going to make your business a success or stop you dead in your tracks. and much, much more...

Chapter 5: Why would anyone sell you there house wholesale?

That is one of the biggest hang ups that people have when you talk about wholesaling houses. People do not believe that you can pick up property so cheap because the housing market has went absolutely crazy in the past 5 years.

How in the world can you buy a house for $.40 or $.50 or $.60 on the Dollar? I am glad that you asked because people that want to sell there house this cheap... They don't use...Well anyway You'll see in the book.

Chapter 6, 7 & 8: The Hunt is on... finding a motivated seller

You'll discover that once you set up an automated marketing system, you'll have sellers searching for people like you to buy their home. I've put together a system for marketing to sellers that will allow you to sit back and pick up the best deals.

You'll learn about what makes a motivated seller so motivated to sell you their house so cheap. I'll show you how to have your contact information in front of the motivated seller when it is time for them to make a decision about selling.

You'll also discover what cheap inexpensive advertising you can use to attract neighborhoods of motivated sellers just wanting to get rid of their unwanted property. And I don't mean bad neighborhoods. I mean neighborhoods were people want to live.

Chapter 9, 10 & 11: How to pre screen sellers, properties and determine values for maximum profit

Learn what to do when someone want to sell you there house wholesale. You'll stop waisting valuable time talking to people who are wanting to sale their house fast but, they don't want to and can't give you a good price.

Instead, you'll learn quickly how to shutt down the time wasters and continue looking for the money makers.

Chapter 12-17 : All Cash or Great Terms..

We'll break it down in detail about what this means and how you will know how to put together some fantastic income off of houses that are overpriced, overfinanced and in great neighborhoods. I bet you thought these houses were not touchable in the wholesale market..Think Again.

You'll also learn some basics about repairs so that when you look at a home, you'll be able to determine roughly what a repair might cost. You definetly don't want to trust your sellers estimate. You'll know if he is shooting straight or if they are shooting to kill....You!


  • How to put together a team of professionals that will want to play your game
  • How to get paid (my favorite)
  • How to build a list of buyers for your wholesale deals so that you can make more cash... faster
  • A thirty day action plan

there is so much more...

There is a total of 23+ Chapters. This book is a whopping 350+ pages in length

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It's a good decision.  I wish you much success and look forward to hearing about your accomplishments!



Jon Slater

President, COO
Wholesaling Houses

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